Charles is a great and thorough writer. I say thorough because he fully researches the topic he is asked to write about and therefore has quotes and statistics that are trustworthy. He took my needs for a white paper, interviewed me to really understand what I was trying to say and turned out a wonderful final piece. I highly recommend him for your needs.

Ann Fry

Charles consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty in his consulting services. His positive, can-do attitude, broad technical knowledge, vast business network, and superb writing and organizational skills are valuable assets that he brings to the table. I couldn’t have succeeded in getting my patent, Automated Text Response System, without Charles’s support. He is a pro in every sense.

Judy Weiber

Charles helped us with our technical blogging needs and was an excellent person to work with. I was very happy with his professionalism and flexibility to meet our requirements and goals.Thank you Charles and good luck!

Gibu Matthew

Zoho Corporation

I had the pleasure of working with Charles while he was responsible for content generation at Kahuna. The content he produced was always engaging, optimized well for SEO, and needed little to no editing. His grasp of product knowledge and his ability to translate that into readable, actionable, copy resulted in readership and engagement that was well above average for the clients that we worked with. I'd highly recommend Charles for any role where content is needed!

Chuck Swanson

Digital C4

Charles has a strong sense of integrity and professionalism when approaching an assignment. For an important client of mine, he did an incredible amount of due diligent discovery and provided insightful recommendations. He presented alternative solutions to some very tricky problems. It was a difficult assignment, yet Charles kept his focus on the customer and his mission. From my many years of managing and hiring development resources, I can endorse Charles highly for the reasons above and more. You will have a strong ally on your team with Mr. Costa.

Stephen Harris

Ideas to Action

Brilliant!! Just brilliant. Charles gave us the ability to make smart decisions without any guesswork. As part of our research to launch a local ice cream brand, we sought the assistance of Charles Costa. The assignment we gave to Charles was to compile 20 of the most difficult questions to answer regarding marketing, learning our direct and indirect competition and the likelihood for success depending on 6 different approaches. We got more than we wanted. We were surprised by 80% of his answers. Most of the assumptions we were making were COMPLETELY WRONG and off target. Moving forward without his sources and insightful answers, we might've landed flat on our faces. For a little under $4,000, we are now saving $20K or more in trial and error tactics that would have led us nowhere. It is the best money we've ever spend for our client. We are extremely happy and definitely using him before we start anything.

Breuk Iversen


It has been a pleasure working with Charles. His work is top-notch,he delivers when he says he will, communication has been excellent, and he's been flexible when the client has thrown us the occasional curveball.

Andrew Schulkind

Andigo Media

I recently hired Charles to do a research report for an SaaS project we're developing. He was generous with his time and delivered a thorough report that told me just what I needed to know. In addition, Charles is what Malcolm Gladwell calls a "connector." Once you're on his radar he's generous with his connections and smart about who will benefit from knowing who.

Robin White Owen

Media Combo

I worked with Charles when he was at Kahuna. He is a rare breed of marketer that not only understood content marketing but also understood how to make an underlying strategy work.

David Feinman

Viral Ideas

I had the pleasure of working with Charles when I ran marketing for Kahuna. Charles is super smart, very conscientious and a fantastic writer. He knows how to balance delivering on time with creating engaging and informative content. If you're looking to add an experienced, intelligent contributor to your team, I would highly recommend him.

Charles is a highly effective data analyst who get things done in an effective and intelligent manner. Would highly recommend him if you're looking for an intelligent, and creative, team player.

Rick Nguyen

Spot Trender

I had the great pleasure of meeting Charles at a Tech networking event, where he exchanged information about what his company of Costa Advisory LLC formally CJC Digital. With little time to think about, Charles was able to help me on a project the next day and gave me not only informative feedback but was also incredibly thorough. Charles is a uniquely gifted individual that is very bright. His passion for business development and market research is clear and evident from the knowledge he gave me just in the one project. I have no doubt that Charles will produce top-notch performance in any project he takes on. I would highly recommend Charles and as a consultant for future inquiries. He is patient, hard working, strategic, and very clear in his explanations.

Casey Sheldon