Charles Costa Product Marketing

Data is the information that helps sales and marketing teams succeed. I’m a digital marketing specialist who has used my deep research and data analysis skills to leverage analytics that drive significant business impact.  As a content marketing manager, I’ve created strategies to optimize content performance and increase engagement and conversions.

Because I have worked with companies of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to Silicon Valley startups in stealth mode, I have the versatility to integrate my work into existing strategies, or be self-driven in creating content pipelines, measuring impact, and increasing sales. I use data analysis to ensure that content delivers a return on investment.

Before I moved into higher level strategy and content marketing management, I specialized in long-form content creation, website copy, tech coverage, blogging, and evergreen content. My career trajectory has taken me from creating content that aligns with sales and marketing goals, to doing the research and analysis that creates the strategies for these pipelines and editorial calendars.

Some of my data analysis work includes examining keyword volume, looking at sales pipelines to determine prospect value, and whether those prospects were valuable enough to justify the investment in content. I routinely monitor analytics and stats on website performance and use that to inform what kind of content is most effective for brand awareness and driving conversions.

When one of my most notable clients, IBM, was looking to break into the cloud technology space, I helped to produce educational content about topics such as digital security, network management, and general best practices. This campaign was a major success as it had an average click-through rate to sales pages of 10x over the industry average for banner ads.

My other major content success story involves Iron Mountain, a leading data and records management company. During my work with them, I produced articles on compliance, technology escrow, secure shredding, document management, and other specialized topics. After beginning their content marketing efforts, Iron Mountain’s inbound contact requests increased by 63%.

As a content producer, I’ve also been published in The Huffington Post, Sitepoint, Envato, and SnapMunk.

I enjoy using my time to learn and connect with others who have similar interests, often going to happy hours, along with meetups for programmers and others in the technology industry.